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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Get on Board Day 2012

Yesterday was Get on Board Day - Dusk Edition, The University of Alabama's student activities fair.  For about six hours, we provided information about what we do as a group to anyone interested.  We distributed literature from Rachel's VineyardSilent No More Awareness, Live Action and other pro-life groups.  Mothers and a pregnant mother spoke to us and students engaged us in many conversations about various Life issues. 

BSFL kept information about all Life issues on hand. We talked about fetal stem cell research, euthanasia, the death penalty, gendercide, infanticide, and abortion with interested students. We also had information for mothers facing unplanned pregnancies and post-abortive mothers seeking support and healing.
It was a fantastic evening and we recruited almost 300 new students.  For the most part, our opposition treated us with plenty of respect.  We strive to treat every person with the dignity and respect that he or she deserves so that we can foster intellectual discussions and ultimately promote a culture of Life. 

Surprised no one accused us of waging a war on women?  So were we, but then we realized how difficult that would be to argue considering the strong female presence at our table...

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